Monday, September 16, 2013


hai  today.. OH aku tak happy
actually hidup tengah kacau bilau taapi sempat je menaip nak inform PADA DIRI SENDIRI

15 mins left before 3pm - editing final project paper for AS (word) + burn into disc (she wants to look at it before the actual date should be submitted. Oh Oh.. for my own sake. OKAY

1 hour  before 4pm- editing my horror slide for 30 mins. Oh Oh

The rest hour, revise those things and perhaps I can answer all the Questions. oppss perhaps NO Question for it

PLEASE. I wanna YEAY for tomorrow.. LOVE you POSITIVE-ING

SI kacau

kejap, masa send ni, 8 mins lagi tinggal before 3pm.. adakah target atau kaget jadinya???

Sunday, September 1, 2013


know nothing
like do nothing