Tuesday, May 1, 2012

sudden shock

salam peeps. wishing all of ya,happy labour day!work with a big smile!! (^_^)v

'sudden shock' is the best topic for today. gyeahhhh!

1) Hey I'm updating my blog and changing the design just now! I'm shocked! haha!

2) Results for last sem has been released yesterday. But I check my result this morning after solat subuh. cool kan? 'Sudden shock' too! I've got more than expected. syukur alhamdulillah. A big thanks and hugs to my beloved family,lecturers and friends who have supported me 'boleh wany boleh' during exam week although they also sympathized  with my fate too huhu: 2 papers 1 hari, kadang2 tuh takda gap harini paper esok paper. kadang2 lah sangat. pity me T____T..again, hugs hugs hugs!:D

3) next 'sudden shock' - I'm falling in love with Business Research just now.howw ah:D.. Fyi,I took 6 subjects last sem. Miss Amelia (our tutor)always remind us BR was not a friendly subject(sooo true). I can imagine her cute face and her voice too. oh I love the slang hihi *,*..everyone told me only Miss Amelia got an A for Prof Aziz's subject.yeah Miss kan, best student lagiks,for sure A+.If I were a lecturer, I also give her A+ too..after that sudah dengar suma,haiyooo takotgila I dibuatnya.I kalau risau,muka tak boleh sorok.that's it-,-..nak jadikan 'sudden shock', when I see my result, BR...ohmy!!! Miss Amelia,can we become colleague after this? HIHIHI..

4) haaa, my school friends and UTM ramai yang engaged, married. I'm happy for youguys! my bestie also got engaged. wishing both of you blossom together forever yah^_^..oke, when is my turn?-,-


anyways, congratulations to all my friends. see ya next sem.